Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Blog-About Tuesday: The Birth of a Song

For the month of September, Book Review Tuesday is going to move to Thursday in honor of OBU’s 125th anniversary Blog-About. Every Tuesday in September, Ouachita Baptist University almuni everywhere will be blogging about their time at OBU. Naturally, I couldn’t ignore the opportunity to participate, even if simply for my own delight as I jog down memory lane.

This week’s topic is a favorite memory, of which I have many. I’m not sure the one I am choosing to share is a top favorite, but it is a distinct one because of its uniqueness.

During my freshman year I had several friends who were musically inclined. They enjoyed playing around on their guitars and I think some of them even flirted with the idea of starting a band. One afternoon I happened to be with them when they slipped into Mitchell Auditorium, a beloved old building full of character that was torn down during my years at OBU. Several of us relaxed in the front seats of the auditorium while those with talent mounted the stage with their instruments. They began to strum and hum. They talked a bit, then played some more. Back and forth they went, playing a bit, discussing a bit more. As they talked and played, a song was born. Maybe it isn’t how all songs are born – I didn’t know then and I don’t know any more now. But, the birth of this song was beautiful. I listened to it become more polished, more organized, more driven. I listened as the different players added their input and the instruments became more organized. The guitarists each found their niche. The keyboardist enhanced the guitars’ sound. The drummer added fullness and variety to the music. I was mesmerized, drawn in, captivated.

I’ve long since forgotten the tune, nor do I even recall whether or not there were lyrics to the song. In fact, to my knowledge I never heard it again after that day. But, I do remember clearly being enveloped in the music and the experience. I had a good number of precious experiences in old Mitchell Auditorium before it was demolished, but experiencing the birth of a song definitely ranks high among them.


carpoolqueen said...

I still remember the uncomfortable chairs in Mitchell. Ouch!

whimzie said...

I love it when everyday minutes turn into something really special.

Glad to meet you on the BlogAbout!

Kecia said...

What a neat memory!
I still try to call JPAC "Mitchell."