Tuesday, September 13, 2011

BlogAbout Tuesday: No Favorites

I sit here at my keyboard pondering this week’s OBU BlogAbout topic: Favorite Ouachita faculty or staff member. Each time I think of one I might write about, I realize that another stands out just as strongly.

My freshman year it could be Dr. Knight who truly held my interest more than any other professor that first semester. Or Dr. Bradshaw who was so patient with me even though I couldn’t begin to comprehend the chemistry that came so easily to him.

It could be Mr. Good. I never had him as a professor, but I was his student worker for two years. His  personality and mine were polar opposites, but that simply meant that my organizational talents were truly needed! I thoroughly enjoyed working for him.

It could be Dr. Wight. Upon deciding after my freshman year that the science department just wasn’t the place for me, he so very patiently counseled me through every major change and schedule whim and willingly stayed my advisor even after the final major change that went against his advice. I will honestly say that I hated the one class I took under him, but even during that rough semester he was still an encouragement. Several years after graduation, I was able to pop into his office for a chat and some advice.

And then there’s the religion department. Dr. Carter, Dr. Hays, and Dr. Duvall remain very influential to both myself and my husband to this day. I’ll never forget the day I got up from a horrible final and, hoping for encouragement, popped into Dr. Carter’s office to see if I could find out how I’d done in his class. I don’t know if he saw the frustration on my face or not, but he grinned when he told me – without even needing to look up my grade – that I’d made an A in the class.

And that doesn’t even take into consideration my dorm moms: Mom Ann, Mom Chu, and Mom Sanders. Or Phil Hardin who always made sure to check up on me now and then just to make sure everything was still going well, to see if I needed anything, or just to visit and offer encouragement. Or the various missionaries in residence who encouraged me along the way.

And there are also those who at this moment aren’t even coming to mind. Those who will begin flooding my memory just as soon as I upload this post.

So, who is my favorite? I honestly don’t have one. Instead, I consider myself extremely blessed to have been able to attend a university where I was not just another face to the faculty and staff. I wasn’t even just a name. I was a person. A person they wanted to not only teach but interact with and get to know. Because of them, Ouachita was and continues to be an incredible place to both earn a degree and be impacted for life.

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